Junkie ELITE

Junkie Elite is a way for me to give back to the people who support my channel. I wanted to make sure anyone who has contributed in any way will be rewarded.

Below is a list of items you get when you join the Junkie Elite and more will be added soon.

If you have an active subscription to my channel you will automatically have Elite activated when you sign in. For anyone who has donated, given bits or bought me a game will also get Elite access but this will not activate automatically, you will need to sign in and click on "Contributions" from there you can activate your free Elite access.

Chill Out Zone

Effect the background video live. Vote for your background choice here

Vote Power

When voting on a poll your vote will be classed as 2 instead of 1, giving you more voting power.

Madge Quote

When ever I'm away from the desk Madge takes my seat. You can customize a quote that she will say while I'm away

Intro Quote

Before the stream starts, I play an intro screen for about 5 mins. During this time your quote will show on my stream.